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10 Heroic Cats

Even though cats are fluffy and just adorable, their fame doesn’t have just “the best” reputation in the pets’ family. Also, people say that cats are selfish, heartless and cold animals. That sure isn’t really true. I believe that these felines are very conscious of our love against them and they sure do love us as well. Here are 10 heroic cats that break with negative stereotypes.


Below you can find just some of these heroic kitties and their stories. Either it is fire, a bully, illness, the cats below show you that they’re much more than what the society makes them look like. So, check out these stories below and think again about the image you had about these felines.

BTW, which one’s your favourite story?

#1 Tom, A Cat Who Found Food For The Starving Army

Back in 1855 when British troops were fighting in the Crimean War, Tom proved that he was a true hero. In Sevastopol the British Army, where they were fighting for a year, captured a city with little supplies after such a long siege. Even-though Lieutenant William Gair and other soldiers found a cat that became a friends of the troops in no-time. The fluffy animal wasn’t just a good companion, but he also proved to be a key of the soldiers’ survival. How was that? Tom led the troops to hidden stashes of supplies. This helped to save French and British soldiers from starving. Lieutenant Gair took the cat back to England where, unfortunately, he passed away the next year. After he passed away Tom was stuffed. They believe that in National Army Museum, in the collection of stuffed animals, it is the Crimean Tom.

#2 Charley Who Saved His Owner After She Collapsed From An Attack Of Hypoglycemia

Imagine collapsing in the middle of the night and having nobody there to help you. Exactly this is what happened to Susan Marsh-Armstrong one night. The only help there was was Susan’s cat Charley. Her ever-affectionate companion. When the cat saw Susan on the floor, Charley ran off to Susan’s sleeping husband Kevin. Immediately the feline started patting Kevin’s hand, licking his face and meowed over and over again until the husband could no longer ignore her. The husband followed the cat to the bathroom where he found his wife unconscious on the floor. Kevin reacted fast and urgently gave Susan a glucose injection so that she could recover and come around. Such a heroic act deserves recognition, of course. Just a bit later, from the Cats Protection National Cat Awards Charley received a Hero Cat of the Year 2012 award due to her heroic act.

#3 Slinky Malinky, The Black Short Hair Tomcat Who Saved Its Owner From A Morphine Induced Coma

For years, Janet Rawlinson has been suffering from chronic back pain due to a neurological problem. Due to that, she’s been taking morphine to help ease it. In case you didn’t know, morphine tends to produce a nice handful of side-effects. Beside others, the side-effects are like disorientation, absentmindedness, or sometimes even induce a come. Unfortunately it was the last option that happened to Rawlinson. She was slipping in and out of a coma for about 5 days. It was then that Slinky Malinky got worried and started his challenge of trying to get the neighbour’s attention. He was scaling the walls, pawing at the windows, and was even trying to irritate the neighbour’s dog to cause some noise and drag the attention. Finally the neighbours noticed that Slinky Malinky was behaving off, and then also realised that they haven’t seen Janet in days. The neighbours approached her house and found her phasing into unconsciousness on her sofa. Immediately they called for help. After Janet Rawlinson recovered, Slinky Malinky was nominated to the National Cat Award of 2014 for his heroism.

#4 Simon, The Cat Who Served As An Exterminator And Motivator On HMS Amethyst

We can’t escape from it, the history is full of heroes. Obviously, our little furry felines are no exceptions. Back in 1940s there was a rat infestation on the Royal Navy sloop HMS Amethyst. It was a stray cat called Simon that was the salvation of it. Simon turned out to be a complete pro in catching the rats and he integrated to the crew easily. Beside being a great rat eliminator, he was also great motivational cat that helped boost the morale of young sailors who had seen their friends get killed in war. The poor cat survived severe wounding during the Yangtze Incident which turned him to a complete inspiration to who served with him. Unfortunately good things don’t last forever. The sea cat died just three weeks later due to an infection. As a war hero, Simon was buried with full military honours. The biggest honour came after that. The feline was the only cat among 62 animals awarded the Dickin Award for their service in the military.

#5 Rusty, the cat who sensed his owner’s heart attack

66-year-old former nurse, Claire Nelson, started feeling unwell one day, but wrote it off as a simply indigestion. Her cat Rusty didn’t think so. All the sudden her cat started to act very out of character. Rusty started clawing at the woman’s legs and chest while letting out a deep guttural meow. This was the trigger for Claire to contact her doctor. She found out that she had suffered a heart attack. Luckily Claire received a life-saving surgery and Rusty was called a guardian angel by many. Claire Nelson says that she completely owes her life to the cat she adopted.

#6 Sally, a fluff who saved her 49-year-old owner from a burning house.

One dark night Craig Jeeves’ (the 49-year-old proud owner of Sally) house got in flames in the middle of the night. The poor man was deeply in sleep and didn’t realise a thing what’s really happening around him. All the sudden he woke up due to his rescue cat Sally who had been jumping on his head and meowing constantly. Craig’s house was completely destroyed in flames. It took 8 fire crews to fight the flames and to put them out. The house was completely destroyed but he escaped alive and unharmed thanks to his pet cat. The man said that just a year ago, before the accident, he had adopted Sally, and looks like it was now Sally returning him the favour by saving his life.

#7 Faith, St. Augustine’s Church in London, the church cat who protected her offspring from an air raid

The story goes back to 1936 when father Henry Ross opened the doors of St. Augustine’s Church in London. This time the doors opened to an unusual visitor – a stray cat. For some time Father was asking around about the found cat to see if the feline belonged to anybody, but he received no response on that. As there was no signs of anyone claiming the cat, Father Ross allowed her to stay at the church and name her Faith. Faith attended sermons regularly over the next four years and even gave birth to a kitten which was named Panda. One “normal” day back in 1940, all the sudden she started begging the father to be let into the church cellar to where she would bring her kitten too. Father Ross kept taking Panda back up from the cellar, but Faith insisted that the kitten would stay there by carrying it back to the cellar by the scruff of its neck. On 9th of September, an air raid was conducted as part of the Blitz attack on Central London. During the raid upstairs of St. Augustine’s Church was destroyed. Father Ross returned to find Faith and Panda meowing safely in the basement.

#8 Schnautzie. The hero cat that saved his owner from a gas leak at home

Black cats have a bad reputation due to all the superstitions revolving around them. Schnautzie, a black cat is here to prove they’re wrong. Greg and Trudy Guys went down to the local pet shop wanting to get a dog. But as a result, their eyes couldn’t get off of a particular kitten. Greg and Trudy ended up going home with that kitten instead of the dog. Just six months later Trudy was woken up in the middle of the night by gentle taps on her nose. When opened her eyes, Trudy saw Schnautzie sniffing around suspiciously. All the sudden, she noticed a strange hissing sound that came from the basement. Just moments later, Greg and Trudy understood that a gas pipe had ruptured in the basement and was filling up the house with gas with a rapid pace. The house was evacuated immediately and the fire brigade was called. As per firefighters note, if the furnace or water heater would have turned on automatically, it would have lead to an explosion. So, black cats do NOT bring you bad luck and here’s a proof of it.

#9 Meet Blake, the cat that helps its owner deal with brain-induced seizures.

Glen Schallman has a combination of rare brain diseases. This combination leads to Glen having daily seizures that can be deadly. It was an unfortunate night that Schallman had one of his seizures while sleeping. Luckily his pet cat Blake was around. He jumped on his owner’s bed and began gnawing on his feet to try to wake him up. That was what saved his life. The worst part of these seizures is that Glen doesn’t feel the attack coming. But there’s a good part in there too. Looks like Blake seems to sense when Glen is going to start to have one of his seizures and the feline directly jumps into action whenever needed. Thanks to Blake, Schallman has lived long enough to become the oldest person to have this rare brain condition.

#10 Turn for Missy, a cat who sensed cancerous cells in her owner’s body

2013, a tabby called Missy, from Newcastle, started acting out of character. All the sudden she started pawing at her owner Angela Tinning’s chest and just did not stop. Even when it got a bit annoying, she refused to stop. Angela thought that the cat’s behaviour was so unusual that she decided to get herself checked at the doctor’s. As the result of the tests they found cancerous cells in her body. Shortly Tinning had a surgery where they removed the malignant cells. Ever since, Angela swears that Missy is her personal hero.

Do you know any hero cats and would like to share their story. Comment below with their story. And don’t forget to share this post.

Meelis Paloson
Author: Meelis Paloson

I'm the Founder of Petinder. An Estonian guy living in Barcelona since the summer of 2004 and enjoying every single day of my life. I'm a big animal lover and a proud co-owner (with my partner) of a cat called Gael.


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Written by Meelis Paloson

I'm the Founder of Petinder. An Estonian guy living in Barcelona since the summer of 2004 and enjoying every single day of my life. I'm a big animal lover and a proud co-owner (with my partner) of a cat called Gael.


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