‘World’s worst cat’ Perdita finds new home after purrfect publicity campaign

The grumpy feline, who reportedly loves ‘lurking in dark corners’, became a viral sensation after shelter officials declared her ‘a jerk’


Any human branded “a jerk” on social media would rightly take offence. But Perdita, officially the “world’s worst cat” according to animal shelter officials in North Carolina who were trying to re-home the grumpy kitty, wore it as a badge of honour.

On Saturday, as a result of one of the greatest cat rescue marketing ploys of all time, Perdita found herself on her way to a “forever home” in Tennessee. She went with a new name, Noel, but also with the same testy demeanour that made her a viral sensation in the first place, with more than 10,000 Facebook likes and her own hashtag of #worldsworstcat.

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