Gael my love

Gael is the name of our cat and he’s the king of my heart.


It’s been 6,5 years now that my partner and I have been together. When we first met Gael was very, but VERY scared of everything and that included me as well, of course. He was adopted from El Gato Andaluz when he was just a mini mini kitten. It took him really quite some time to get use to me living at «his home». It was even difficult to get to pet him as he just ran off, hid under the bed and hissed at you.

My little sweet Gael

Now after all these years have passed, obviously things have changed a lot. He knows perfectly my morning schedule and when it’s time for me to wake up or for him just to wake me up. In the morning around 7AM (and sometimes already around 6AM), it doesn’t matter if it’s a working day or weekend, he sneaks to my side of the bed and starts meowing quietly. Then jumps on the bed, starts purring and sometimes even walking on my face. When not walking directly on my face he also just loves rubbing his tail in my nose which for sure wakes me up with a nice sneeze included. Even after a long night out or when going to bed really late (or already early in the morning) he still continues waking me up nicely and early. Luckily I’m a morning person and don’t mind that too much anyways. I like waking up early even on weekends.


As he’s a lot more calm and more fun to be around with compared to the day we met first time. Like every cat, Gael isn’t an exception, he’s also a goofball (when he wants and feels like).

Here are some pics of him.


Now, as I’ve been working from home since March, he knows perfectly well when I’m done working. I just store my glasses in the case, shut the case and he just catapults himself out from where-ever he is at that moment having his 57th nap of the day, and just runs to me to get some food. He knows it’s time for dinner. Here’s a proof for it:

This is my very first post in Petinder about him. I’ll sure be sharing more content and stories about us.

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